To make the next big change in your life, you have to choose a door.

Faced with not knowing what's on the other side, you need a trusted guide, a coach, a destiny helper.

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I'm Coach Kisha White

I specialize in helping people like you overcome the mental blockers keeping you from accomplishing your goals and living a legendary life.

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Coaching Methodology that supports individualized service.

I use a 4-step coaching model geared toward creating solutions and focusing on outcomes.

This 4-step process allows clients to:

  • reconnect with their inner power 

  • gain clarity

  • uncover and dispel any beliefs holding them back

  • provide confidence and motivation

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My goal is to increase your confidence and make you feel empowered in every part of your life.



Ericka's Story

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She lacked the confidence to achieve the impossible.

Ericka is a mother of two college-bound daughters, a busy professional, and a speaker. She always wanted to publish a book and thought that teaming up with others was the way to go. But unfortunately, for everyone else, making the endeavor a priority seemed to be difficult. 

Within six weeks, Ericka and I had set her intentions, evaluated her content, and created and executed a feasible plan. Along with publishing resources, Ericka also utilized tools that kept her on track with her busy schedule. To date, Ericka has published three considerable works and counting.

Tracy's Issue

Portrait of Businessman

His business goals needed clarifying and his processes needed organizing. 

Veteran and entrepreneur, Tracy is energetic, curious, and ambitious. When I met Tracy his business was thriving, but he wanted it taken to the next level. He was still relying upon smaller contracts versus the larger more specialized contracts he knew he could obtain.  I took the time to review his processes and evaluated his current needs. Together we created a plan that clarified and streamlined his goals. We were even able to relaunch his brand and target audience. Within six weeks, Tracy had secured his first 20K payment in one month. 


Client Talks

"Coach Kisha is a dedicated and inspirational force in my life. She has been instrumental in helping me publish three books in one year, during a pandemic. I appreciate her passion, encouragement, and enthusiasm for coaching and helping others."

Ericka, Educator & Keynote Speaker

"Coach Kisha helped me become razor-focused on my goals by helping me to see that I needed to prioritize my time and resources. She has been my cheerleader! Her encouragement has helped me grow my business 3-fold, even during the covid-19 pandemic. Recently I yielded my first monthly gross income of over $20K."

Tracy, Entrepreneur

"My experience with (Coach) Kisha was refreshing. She helped me to see where I needed to make changes and move forward. Ready to move forward!"

Bethany, U.S. Army Veteran





6022 E Sam Houston Parkway N #1020

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