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favorite aunt,

Auntie Kisha.

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What is Auntie Kisha's best advice for incoming college students?
It's simple.

"Take your happy selves to class!"

Auntie Kisha can help you get from high school to college and beyond. She'll help you see your potential, plan for your future and make the most of your college experience.

 With Auntie Kisha by your side, you'll be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. We'll provide all the resources and guidance you need so that you can reach your goals and become successful in whatever field you choose.  

Auntie Kisha is a wellness coach, former educator, mother of three, and veteran that offers public speaking and workshops for students preparing to attend college and beyond.

Now Available!

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Auntie Kisha's Guide: What They Forgot to Tell You Before Your First Day of College.

Have you ever wanted to not just survive college? This book will help you thrive!

Auntie Kisha offers valuable tips, is easy to read, and provides quick information for those considering college.

She puts an in-your-face dialogue coupled with frank advice spiked with a dab of tough love.

Here are just a few of the topics:
  • Self Discovery
  • Finding Balance
  • Mentors
  • Mental & Physical Wellness and much more

Listen to your Auntie Kisha! You need to read this book!

No one but your Auntie Kisha will give you honest tips with a funny twist.

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Auntie Kisha is available for public speaking engagements and workshops. 

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